Hemp Products - Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:      How long does it take to receive my purchased item(s)?

At Nu Vida we take pride in our shipping speed! You can expect a delivery time of 4-5 business days after purchase. Please note that processing your order may take up to 1 business day. Tracking information from the carrier might not be available immediately.

Q:     Does Nu Vida  HEMP ship to all 50 states?

Indeed. We transport our exclusive natural HEMP oil to all 50 states.

Q:     Can I return a product?

30 Day Money back Guarantee

We believe in our highest quality product so much that if you are not 100% satisfied with a product you purchased from our website, you can return the product(s) within 30 days of the purchase date in order to qualify for a refund of purchase price of product(s) returned. Furthermore all returning products must be less than 20% used to qualify for refund.

Q:     What is HEMP?

Cannabidiol  is a naturally-occurring constituent of industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) plants. It is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and is being scientifically investigated for numerous reasons. Most people have heard of a cannabinoid called THC, which is the ingredient in cannabis that gets users high. Unlike THC, cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and does not cause a high.

Q:     What’s the difference between CBD from hemp and CBD from marijuana?

Both hemp and marijuana are from the same genus and species (cannabis sativa). The characteristic of having low THC is the single difference that most rely on to distinguish industrial hemp from marijuana. CBD taken from hemp and marijuana is the exact same compound.

Q:     How do I consume HEMP?

The HEMP oil we offer has a couple different applications. You can hold a sublingual dose under the tongue for 30-60 seconds (recommended for fastest absorption), apply the oil topically to your skin (can be applied directly to a problem area or mixed with your favorite moisturizer), or blend the oil in a health-conscious smoothie. We will include further dosing instructions with the product.

Q:     Will HEMP oil  help my condition?

Due to federal regulations, we cannot make claims about whether or not natural  hemp oil can help with specific ailments. We do however urge everyone to research the widely available information online. You can easily find many resources about  hemp oil and its possible benefits.

Q:     How do you know how much HEMP is in your products?

Our HEMP oil is lab-tested as soon as it is extracted and then again by a third party , to ensure an accurate amount of CBD. In addition, we test for over 200 pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. We use cutting-edge testing and world-class equipment to ensure that our products are safe and healthy. Please contact us for current lab test results.

Q:     Is your HEMP a whole plant extract, synthetic, or an isolate?

We would never sacrifice quality by providing a synthetic HEMP or HEMP isolate blend. We use a whole plant extract that is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial oils. Our  study was that the whole plant extract, which contained a large percentage of HEMP but also contained traces of the other cannabinoids, proved far more effective than HEMP-only solutions in alleviating inflammation and pain sensation.

Q:     What other cannabinoids are in your HEMPoil?

Our full-spectrum HEMP oil contains high concentrations of HEMP and also other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, CBDA, and CBDV. These beneficial cannabinoids are not psychoactive and are being studied scientifically for a wide variety of health benefits. Cannabinoids work synergistically together with what is known as the entourage effect.

When does the product expire?

Without refrigeration, the product will last for 12 months. Refrigeration is completely optional but will extend the shelf life of the product to 18 months.

Q:      What other ingredients are in your HEMP oil?

Our HEMP oil has only one ingredient, hemp! Our extracts contain 100% organic cold pressed hemp oil and our proprietary full spectrum HEMP concentrate. There are no other additives, preservatives or emulsifiers.

Q:     Where do you source your hemp from?

Our HEMP oil is extracted from organic hemp plants cultivated on licensed farms in Illinois, USA . It’s grown the way nature intended and harvested at peak perfection.

Q:     How do you extract the HEMP and other cannabinoids from the raw plant material?

We use green extraction methods that utilize CO2, which leaves behind no toxins, heavy metals, or chemicals to degrade the product in any way. CO2 is safe to use in food products and commonly found in carbonated beverages, and our bodies even produce CO2 when we breathe!

Q:     What type of CO2 extraction do you use?

We use a combination of both Subcritical and Supercritical extractions. This allows us to perform a “fractional extraction” by first extracting at lower pressures to remove the lighter, temperature-sensitive volatile oils, and then subsequently extracting the same material at a higher pressure to remove the remaining oils. This approach is the best because it allows us to extract a complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other beneficial phytochemicals that yield a more potent blend.